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June 9, 2018

February 22, 2018

March 7, 2017

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MancML - Inaugural Event

March 7, 2017

SpaceportX, and Cathcart Associates


The inaugural Manchester Machine Learning & Pizza Evening!

sponsored by Cathcart Associates

When: 8th November 2016 at SpaceportX


We are super excited to present an evening of great talks from local Manchester based companies working in the field of Machine Learning and AI.

If you are working with ML/AI, interested in the field or just plain hungry come down for an evening of Pizza, Beer and Amazing Speakers!

And it is all free - courtesy of:
* Our sponsor Cathcart Associates - Technology recruiters extraordinaire
* Our venue SpaceportX - Manchester's home for tech entrepreneurs & startups
* Our brewers at ShinDigger - premium gypsy brewers of Manchester
* And, of course, our speakers Hello Soda, DigitalBridge, Metafused and


The hype:

The world is changing at an unprecented pace. From self-driving cars to virtual home assistants to world-champion Go and chess players, software is eating the world. Boys and girls born today will find it archaic and bizarre that people ever drove cars, flew planes, performed surgery or went to shops to buys goods or schools to get an education. Machine Learning and AI, the driving forces behind this revolution, are not local phenomenons restricted to Palo Alto or Tel Aviv. In fact it can happen anywhere, and it is happening here as well - in Manchester.

To showcase and celebrate some of the exciting things happening in Manchester we are hosting an evening of speakers from local companies in the field. We hope this can inspire even more people to become involved in Machine Learning and AI and give people already involved a chance to learn more about other applications and meet fellow like-minded folks.

The Schedule:

18:00 Doors open and refreshments

18:30 Erik Mathiesen, Welcome & Introduction to Machine Learning

18:50 Martin Bryant, Tech North

19:10 Leanne Fitzpatrick, Hello Soda: Deploying Models in a Machine Learning Environment

19:40 Break: Pizza and drinks

20:10 Martin Fergie, DigitalBridge: How we use machine learning to help you virtually decorate your home

20:40 Stuart Davie, Using machine learning to monitor company risks

21:55 Erik Mathiesen, Recruiting with Machine Learning

21:10 Hang around: drinks and a chance to chat

22:00 End


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